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Support Vehicles

Support Vehicles

If you wanted to race the I-500 you needed a crew and a support vehicle. The vehicle could not leave until a set amount of time after their driver started the race and they must have the race number displayed on the side. In the photos below you can see the race number displayed on the side of the vehicle.


This is the motor home used by the crew of #170 Loyal Skuza. Photo was taken some place along the race route in 1971 or 1972.



 Here is a trailer used by the crew of #88 Jay Dehn. This Picture was take before they loaded up for the  1975 race. 


 Some race teams spent some extra time personilizing their rig. Here is the support truck used by the crew of #9 Don Amber in 1975. The semi parked next to it was one of the John Deere factory support trucks used to supply parts to the independent race teams.

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